You Just Read The Witch’s Rune But do you know about…..

The Witches Runes

We all know and have read the poem or chant, “The Witches’ Rune.” But did you know there is another kind of “Witches’ Runes.” Sound confusing, not really. When I was younger I started out as a Tarot card reader. With time, I grew bored. So I was surfing around on the internet and ran across  The Elder Futhark Runes. I read how Runes can give a much better reading and if you make your own, you have a magickal bond with them. I made my first set of Runes and the magickal bond that was established between the Runes and me was unbelievable. When you make a set of Runes and follow the making ceremony, the magick happens. The Runes actually spoke to me while I was painting the design on them. It was wonderful. And I couldn’t believe it. So my fascination with the Runes began. I read everything I could find on them. One day, I ran across something I had never heard anyone mention, that was the Witches Runes. Why no one talks about them or mentions them, I don’t know. Perhaps because there is only 13 of them, and they think that is not powerful enough for any divination. Or perhaps, they are just something in our past that has been forgotten by all of us.

Needless to say being a witch, I started researching and digging for every bit of information I could find. I found out there is hardly any information on them at all. Which leads me to believe they were just simply forgotten. No matter what the case, I made a set of the Witches Runes. The magick in each symbol I painted on the stones was breath-taking. I made them their own special black pouch and they live happily there to this day. Wondering why I talk about them like they are a person? Make a set and feel the magick for yourself. I pull the pouch out and without even opening it, I can feel their magick and power through it. The Witches Runes are very powerful divination tools. I might have just hit the nail on the head, perhaps they were considered to powerful and put away. Who knows? We probably never will either.

Below I have described each Rune and their meaning. Take a moment to look them over. Also if you are into making your own divination tools, I will include a ritual for making your set in the next post. I hope you enjoy the Witches Runes as much as I do.

The set includes the following symbols, with a brief meaning description:

  • Relationship – Chemistry and working together
  • Woman – Women, nurturing, and healing
  • Man – Men, conquering, and defending
  • Harvest – Rewards for work, the right path
  • Sun – Protection, attention, and wealth
  • Moon – Changes, cycles, and ancestors
  • Flight – Information, travel, and movement
  • Rings – Connection to others, contracts, marriage
  • Crossroads – Choices, opposition, and conflict
  • Star – Hope, wishes, and destiny
  • Waves – Intuition, mystery, and emotions
  • Scythe – Endings, transformation, and danger
  • Eye – Vision, realization, and wisdom