The Witch’s Magick for April 2nd – A Mirror Spell of Protection of Personal Space

Witchy Comments

A Mirror Spell of Protection of a Personal Space



9 white candles

A protection incense

A largish round mirror

A representation of the Goddess



Light the incense.

Place the candles in a ring around the Goddess image. Light the candles, beginning with the candle most directly before the Goddess image and say these or similar words:

Light of Luna, Protect me now.

When all are lit, hold the Mirror so that it reflects the light of the candles. Turn slowly in each direction, ensuring that you throw the light as far as you can in each direction. Then spin round as many times as you have candles, continuing to project the light and say:

Goddess of love, Goddess of Light, Protect this space.

Pinch out the candles and put them away safely until you need to use them again.



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