Invocation – What is it?



Invocation is not so hard. You don’t need to be a rocket scientists for that,
You need just a sparkle of imagination and most of all, You need to relax, to
feel Your internal peace and power. This is usually made with meditation or some
other relaxation method. I made a unique way to get this peace. Make some sort
of copy of Your happy emotions (love, peace, happiness, wisdom,…). Than use
this like some sort  of defense shield. Whenever You feel angry, just think of
something or someone You loved with all Your heart and just let Yourself, that
the love flood every piece of Your body and mind. With peace You can invoke the
Goddess of Light.


waxing moon for spells of invitation or increase
-Examples: spells to find love or get a job
waning moon for spells of banishing or decrease
-Examples: spells to end loneliness or financial problems
full moon for:
-maximum power
-coven work

What for?

The spells are often made acording to zodiac circle. Every sign has its
traditiomal needs, like:

battle, beginnings
money spells, sex magic
psychic work, lunar magic
leadership, solar power
balance, work in law or for justice
honesty, expansion
overcoming obstacles
psychic work, endings
But, often spells are not made for traditional purposes, but for custom.


This is very large question. It depends of what You believe in (I believe in
Goddess, but for spells I use gods also). You can use Gods, Goddess, spirits,
heroes, etc.
More is in the Gods/Godess section.

Isis: Protection, magic
Thoth: Reincarnation and magic
Aphrodite: Love and passion

Invocation can be as simple as they can get, like this:
O, Isis
Just a little more complex:
Mighty ________, invoked by me
Mighty Thoth, invoked by Me
or very complex:
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, _______ to seek and find to love
in might, to give, to take and nothing to break.
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, Ra to seek and find to love in
might, to give, to take and nothing to break.

Make Your own and make it right, with the power of the Light. Find the way
to Goddess word, as You can listen and You can heard.

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