Let’s Talk Witch – Respect for Water

Let’s Talk Witch  – Respect for Water

Water, like all the elements, can bless, or kill. A real understanding of the immense force of all the elements is essential to understanding our true place in the world. The very noise of the ocean, so soothing when you meditate from the right distance, can buffet your sensibilities, too. Similarly, waves of emotion can cleanse us or, bursting out inappropriately, can be profoundly damaging. Water can glamour us; stay aware, to learn life lessons about balance, allowing grace and beauty to enter. We are small, but we have a right to our place in the world; we can also be mighty in our effect, so we should deal compassionately with each other. And, like the tides, our fortunes will wax and wane. This is being human, being alive. Be joyful!

Water takes the line of least resistance, yet remains completely itself. Waves may fret around large obstructions, but the river’s impetus carries it inexorably onward. Water constantly moves in a cycle, evaporating, becoming clouds and dispersing as rain, hail, or sleet to rejoin the earth or sea. Amphibians and many insects live dual lives between water and the land. These are seed-thoughts for visualizations, which will keep us on course in the changing, moving flow of life.

Excerpt from:
The Joy and Magic Of Water
By Penny Billington
Llewellyn’s 2014 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living