Daily Feng Shui News for Dec. 31 – ‘New Year’s Eve Traditions’

Happy New Year’s Eve! If you want to attract more money in the coming year, then clean out your wallet of all old receipts and fill it with twenty-seven one dollar bills and forty-nine coins. Don’t forget to open your front door at midnight and throw both money and orange peels into the entryway. Leave them there until January second. The word ‘orange’ in Mandarin Chinese sounds exactly like the word for ‘gold,’ something it’s believed to attract. Opening all of the doors and the windows at midnight will also allow old or stuck energies to depart while inviting healthy, fresh and abundant ones to come and stay for the whole of your next fortune-filled New Year.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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    1. I would suggest that you bury them. Of course that is the way I dispose of all leftovers from any ritual or spell.


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