Daily Motivator for November 13th – Beautiful reality

Beautiful reality

Act not out of judgment, but out of love. Live not from a position of fear,  but from a perspective of joy.

Let go of the need to prove how good you are. Live in such a way that real  goodness, joy and generosity flow naturally from all you do.

Instead of seeking to gain more advantage, discover new ways to give more  value. Instead of worrying about what might be, live the immense treasure of  what already is.

Don’t waste your time looking for happiness in this thing or that. Let  happiness always find you right where you are, doing whatever you are doing.

See life not as a contest where some must lose in order for others to win.  See it as an opportunity to lift yourself higher by lifting many, many others  through your unique gifts.

Let go of the illusion that you must struggle. And let in the beautiful  reality of how very good life can be.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator