Calendar of the Sun for October 29th

Calendar of the Sun

29 Winterfyllith

Day II of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris

Colors: Green and black
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of green and black set a figure of Isis, a figure of Osiris, a box carved like a sarcophagus, and two large ivory candles.
Offerings: Continue with the long-term difficult project.
Daily Meal: Beer. Barley. Figs. Dates. Nuts. Flatbread.

Isis Invocation

Mistress of the Gods
Thou bearer of wings
Thou lady of the red apparel
Queen of the crowns of the South and North,
Thou mighty one of enchantments,
Mistress and lady of the tomb,
Mother in the horizon of heaven.
For when Isis the Queen found that her husband
Had fallen from grace through foul play,
She searched high and low in every country,
Until she came to a palace in a far place
Where a great sweet-scented pillar
Had been cut from a tamarisk tree
The like of which had never been seen before.
The mighty Isis clad herself in the robes
Of a common woman,
And presented herself to the Queen
To be her babe’s nurse. And so it was,
Yet the Queen one day found this nurse
Setting her child in the fire,
So as to make him immortal.
And Isis revealed herself,
And the pillar was cut down and opened,
And she did restore Osiris her husband
With many wonderful magics,
And so she triumphed over their enemies
And brought her beloved home.
Cry joyfully for them, Rulers of the Gods of Egypt!

(All cheer, and grain is thrown into the air in celebration.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]