Calendar of the Sun for October 15th

Calendar of the Sun

15 Winterfyllith

Winter Nights: Day of the Freya and the Disir

Color: Grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of grey place the last sheaf of grain harvested for the year, and the last vegetables pulled from the ground. Place there also many tankards of mead.
Offerings: Food to the Ancestors. Also divination.
Daily Meal: Porridge and root vegetables.

Winter Nights Invocation

(One stands forth and pours out the first tankard of mead as a libation, and says:)

Hail to the Disir!
Hail to the mothers, the grandmothers,
The great-grandmothers, and their mothers,
The ancestral wombs from whence we all came!
Hail to those wise eyes that watch our families!
The red line of blood extends back into the mists,
Umbilical to umbilical, we all came through
That line of doors, as will those who come
After us into the world.

(One stands forth and pours out the second tankard of mead, and says:)

Hail to Freya the Vanadis!
Lady of the Vanir whose soul
Is bound to the Earth, the seeds that grow
And yet stretches forth into the mists!
In the winter we hail you as Lady of Love,
Warming our cold nights with your smile.
In the spring we hail you as Earth-Awakener,
Breaking open the seed that sprouts.
In the summer we hail you as Gatherer of Warriors,
Taking those to your breast who catch your eye.
In the autumn we now hail you as Lady of Seidh,
Wise sorceress who speaks with spirits.
Open the veil of vision for us, wise Vanadis,
And may our sight penetrate down the line of blood to the future.

(All come forth one at a time and kneel to the Disir, and then arise and pour out a tankard of mead for their own grandmothers. Then divination shall be done, in Freya’s name, for any questions that may have arisen during the past weeks.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]