Daily Motivator for October 7th – Love this day

Love this day

Love this day and it will be good to you. Treasure this opportunity to  experience life, and the experience will be beautiful.

The progress you seek does not always come in the ways you thought it would.  Yet when you seek, and persist, and expect it, that progress does always  come.

Don’t let yourself become too troubled by the troubles. Remind yourself to  take it all in stride, and you will find great value and richness along the  way.

Go forward with clear and positive intentions, seeking to make a beneficial  difference for all. In whatever may happen, you will discover new ways to  further your authentic purpose.

In its every aspect, life is predominately the way you consider it to be.  Consider it to be unique, precious, miraculous, filled with opportunity and  abundance, and give each moment of your reality a positive flavor.

Make the decision to love this day, this place, this moment, this special  experience of life with the people around you. And there will be so very much to  love.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator