Good Afternoon My Dear Family & Friends that I Love So!

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Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. I have a rather nice hole in my hand but the cougar did not mean to harm me.  That’s the reason I ended up with the hole. The cougar was afraid it would cut me and jerked away, when this happened the claw dug deep into my hand. I have had worse than that before. It is really just part of it when you care for wild animals.

I will make this short as possible. I am very troubled and worried about some souls we have amongst us. I believe these individuals are like so many others that have come to us from another Religion. They have wrote me, that they are lost. They want to embrace the Ways of the Old but don’t know how to do it. My heart breaks for these people. Wanting to belong, but not knowing were they fit in. We must take them under our wing and help them in anyway we can.

I have had several that actually want to meet with me. I believe Mystie used my phrase earlier. I would be more than happy to meet with anyone seeking the Goddess. I know what you are hoping for, you will look into my face and there will be the answer. You won’t find the answer, all you will see is an average looking woman stare back at you.

I don’t have the ready made guide for accepting our Religion or our Goddess. But I can try to guide you and see if this Religion is right for you. Also there are other ways in serving the Goddess besides being a witch. Since most of you stated you were confused. I would forget everything I ever knew about the Religion I am coming from. Next, open your heart and your mind. Look for the unexpected. Because the Goddess will give you very subtle signs. She will also reveal information and wonders when She knows you can handle them. The Craft is nothing to rush. There is a year and a day involved in the study of our Religion. Nothing happens overnight, you have to learn it, work for and master it.

Now if you are still with me, I would start out by meditating to find how I am to serve the Goddess.  Meditation will clear your mind. It will help you think more clearly and be able to make decisions you are sure of.  Please don’t think you have to start out meditating for 2 or 3 hours. You can start out simply by meditating for 5 minutes and building up. Let you mind run free. Let it be open that the Goddess wants you to see. Behold the beauty of our Religion. You are entering a world of joy, love, beauty beyond belief. It is a world that only those who choose to follow the Goddess can see.

A world filled with wonders, beauty, love and magick that our mind can not take it all in. But given time, you will. You will live it and breathe it. You will be encompassed in the purest form of Love, the Goddess’ Love. For this is our Religion, Witchcraft.

Welcome dear brother and sister, we are glad you have come to join us. May you come to know the Goddess as each of us here has. May the Goddess fill your life with many blessings. Never close your heart or mind to our Divine Mother. There is always something new and wondrous to behold. Don’t doubt yourself any longer. Clear your mind of confusion and open your heart, the Goddess will do the rest. Only trust and believe in the Greatest Power you will ever know.

Blessings, Peace & Comfort,

Lady of the Abyss

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  1. My reason your post at this time was incredible! It is as if you could read my soul. I love everything I have found so far but I hesitate because of my abilities. I haven’t learned how to block the messages I receive. There are so many opinions out there it gets very confusing. There are many roads I just need to find mine and walk it. Again thanks for your encouraging words


    1. Good Morning Kathleen,
      I have a daughter named Katherine. It is good to hear from you again. There are many tricks to meditation or techniques. I know most people just sit down and start. Well they have it half right, the sit down part. There are some technique I teach my students like you. Now as you get comfortable and get ready to start to meditate. Think of a simple phrase to softly hum to yourself in your head. For instance, “ommmmm,” “hummmmm,” “ohhhh,” soft, really soft. But keep it playing silently in your mind. Now, close your eyes and start humming softly to yourself. The humming should drown out any sounds you are having. Even as long as I have been in the Craft, I still have to do this. I get busy days and I just can’t let them go. Or if you whisper softly enough, you can do this voice with your mouth and concentrate on the sound you are making there. Most of the time I prefer the “in my head” method to the other. Whichever way works for you and silences your mind is perfect. See first lesson in the Craft already. Need any more help just ask,
      Goddess Bless you, Kathleen,
      Lady A

      There is a candle you are suppose to light and visualize on it. But let’s work on clearing your mind were you can eventually visualize, ok?

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