Calendar of the Moon for September 18th

Calendar of the Moon

18 Muin/Boedromion

Greater Mysteries Day 4: Day of Aesclepias

Colors: White and light blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of light blue place a chalice of white wine, a glass cup of oil scented with myrrh, three light blue candles, and all the medical equipment in the House.
Offerings: Donate medical equipment to a worthy organization, or give medical care to someone who needs it.
Daily Meal: Fasting until Mesembria of the next day.

Invocation to Aesclepias

I begin to sing of Aesclepias,
Son of Apollo and healer of sicknesses.
Born on the Dotian plain
By fair Coronis, daughter of King Phlegyas,
A joy to men,
A soother of great pangs,
And so hail to thee my lord,
In our songs we make prayer to thee.
Greatest of doctors,
Taught by the skilled hands of Athena,
Father of Hygeia, Lady of Cleanliness,
Father of Akeso, Lady of the Curing Process,
Father of Panakaia, Lady of Cures,
Father of Telesphoros, Lord of Convalescence,
Father of Iaso, Lady of Recovery,
Your healing hands were so skilled
That Hades himself was angered
At seeing you snatch so many
From his soot-covered hands.
Yet even when your very skill laid low your body,
You were raised to be the divine surgeon,
The healer to the Gods and all below.
Hail Aesclepias, who cares for our bodies.
May you grant us all the healing that we need.

(Those who have need of healing of the body should come forth and kneel before the altar, and one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual shall anoint them with the blessed oil. Then the white wine shall be poured out as a libation. The medical equipment, thus blessed, should be returned to its place.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]