Let's Talk Witch – Do You Know Your Altar Has to Have Balance


Let’s Talk Witch – Your Altar Has to Have Balance

If you choose to leave your ritual tools out on your altar, be sure to display all four principal items—Athame, pentagram, chalice and wand—together to establish balance. These four implements represent the four elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire respectively.

In addition to the four primary tools, you’ll want to keep a variety of other magick items and ingredients on hand for your workings. Most Witches store a supply of candles in different colors, along with incense, essential oils, herbs, crystals, and gemstones. In time, you might also consider adding ribbons, parchment, small bags, a crystal ball, bells a cauldron, tarot cards, runes, pendulum, ritual clothing and jewelry and a Book of Shadows for recording your spells.

Some Witches change the decorations on their altars to coincide with the seasons and sabbats. This practice keeps your altar looking fresh and attractive, while also linking you to the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of life.