Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for Aug. 23 thru 25

Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope

Finders, Keepers

By Jeff Jawer

For the Weekend of August 23 thru 25 — This weekend, when it comes to romance, possession is nine tenths of the law.

You’re likely to spend Friday and most of Saturday on the prowl, enjoying the thrill of the chase. This is due to the instant gratification urges the Moon in Aries will ignite. Passions will be aroused but there’s no time to wait. You want who you want and you want this person now! Late Friday night the Moon will engage with Uranus in a sizzling conjunction that will cause sparks to fly everywhere! You might feel a strong, sudden emotional connection with someone new if single while, if taken, you’ll enjoy a steamy reminder of why you and your love are together!

On Saturday however, the theme quickly turns into possession … and possibly obsession! Venus will square off with Pluto and it’ll be easy to use love, or sex, as a weapon. Remember that love isn’t about control; it’s about mutual respect and affection. If you feel insecure in a relationship or even worse — unsafe — now is the time to be honest with yourself about it.

By Sunday the Moon saunters into Taurus and the theme of owning your love will continue. There are two ways to interpret this cosmic influence. If you’re holding onto a relationship out of a false sense of , the Moon-Saturn opposition will leave you feeling high and dry emotionally. If, however, you’re in a place of healthy love and loyalty, you’ll simply want to “own” up to your feelings.