The Witches Spell for August 9th: Spell to Rekindle Love


The Witches Spell for August 9th

Spell to Rekindle Love

You will need:

A white birthday candle

One white or silver 8-inch taper candle

Jasmine oil

White parchment paper

A small jar

Silver cord

Begin by chipping the wax away at the bottom of the candle so you have two wicks. Next, carve two stars onto one side of the candle. Carve your initials into one star and the initials of your loved one on the other star. Anoint the candle with the jasmine oil as you chant:

“As the stars doth rise above, I beckon forth the return of love.”

Lay the candle aside and write the name of your loved on the parchment paper. Place the jar on top of the paper. Light the birthday candle and drip the wax from it onto the top of the jar, and then affix the silver candle to the top of the jar so that it will permit it to burn from both ends. When the candle is solidly attached, light both ends as you chant:

“Dark starry night, and candle light,
End forever this loveless plight.
Bring back my lover to me,
For this I will,
So Mote It Be!”

Stay with the candle until it burns out. Tie up the parchment paper into a small packet and place under your pillow. Keep it there until your loved one returns.

4 thoughts on “The Witches Spell for August 9th: Spell to Rekindle Love

  1. Hi,
    I’m familiar with the threefold law and because of this I have always held myself back from casting love spells. I would like to know if there is another spell that would just rekindle the love. Not bind that person to me but just a friendly reminder as to why we fell in love in the first place. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,
    Lady D


    1. Good morning Lady D,
      I hope this finds you doing well. I don’t care for love spells either but you have to appeal to the masses. Mystie is the love spell freak around here, lol! In regards to your question, yes I have quite a few suggestions. I am know there are actual foods that you can eat to accomplish this purpose. Also I am looking at a book right now (across the room), it has many drinks, oils and lots of things that aren’t real a spell more like folk magick. It just more to do with kitchen magick than any other magick that I can think of.

      When I get through doing the daily thing, I will definitely list some of them for you. I hope they help. I know a few who have used some of the lotions and they say they definitely work. I will be sure to give you one or two of them. If you are still in need of help afterwards, let me know. Because this book is pretty darn thick!
      Blessings to you,
      Lady A


    1. Sorry for the delay in answering your question. Since it was not my spell I had to go and read it. Very simple, in fact. You chip both bottoms of the candles to you come to their wicks. Then you carve your initials in one and your lover’s initials in the other. You then lay them aside after you have anointed them. The birthday candle is the one that you light and drip the wax from. I hope this has answered you questions.

      Now if you don’t mind, I would like to interject my feelings about you here. You see I can read individual vibes. Your vibes tell me you are not a practicing witch. Therefore, I must inform you of the threefold Law. “What you send out, comes back to you three times over.” Personally, I do not like posting love spells. Some of them mess with individuals’ free will. To me that is like enslaving a person to love you. Think about it before you cast. Would you want to be enslaved to someone who you found utterly repulsive?
      Just food for thought,
      Lady Of The Abyss


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