The Witches Spell for July 29th – Spell To Be Open To All Types of Love


Spell To Be Open To All Types of Love

Goal:  To open yourself to love in all its forms

Optional extra: White or pink candle

Notes:  This spell was originally published in the book “The Goddess Is In The Details.” It is mostly aimed at opening your own heart so that love can come in, rather than drawing in any specific other person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to romantic love—if you are looking for a best friend, then substitute the word “friendship” for lover and put out that intention instead.

Light the candle, then visualize your heart being surrounded by a white light that protects it at the same time it helps you open yourself up to loving and being loved.

“I ask the moon and stars above

To open my heart to perfect love

Striving not, nor chasing after

But open wide to love and laughter.”

“Hopeful am I and willing too

To open myself to lover’s woo

But while I wait for love that’s meant

With myself I’ll be content.”

“I wish for love that’s true and right

Filled with joy and shining light

I release all that which blocks my way

And open my heart to one who’ll stay.”

One thought on “The Witches Spell for July 29th – Spell To Be Open To All Types of Love

  1. I found most recently that having the love and joy for myself was paramount for this to work.
    Thank you for posting this classic!


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