Life As The Witch – Things that Weaken or Ruin Spellcasting


Things that Weaken or Ruin Spellcasting

There are some circumstances that can weaken or even destroy the spell you have worked so hard to cast, so you want to be aware of and avoid the following:

Drug or alcohol use: You should never cast a spell with anything other than a clear head. For one thing, it is insulting to the Gods to come into sacred space under the influence of mind-altering substances. For another, it interferes with focus. (Yes, there are some folks who believe in the use of drugs to deepen spiritual practice; they are entitled to their opinions, and I would never argue with them, but it has been my experience that nothing destroys magickal concentration and focus faster than coming into circle high or drunk.)

Extreme emotional states: As I said above, you need to have a clear head in order to do your best spellcasting. Coming in to your sacred space filled with anger or fear or any other very strong emotion will not only stand in the way of clarity and focus, but you may cast a spell you later wished you hadn’t. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do spellwork when things are bad—sometimes this is when we need magick the most. But try to achieve as calm a state as possible before starting the work. Do some meditation, take a long bath or walk, repeat some calming affirmation. At the very least, take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on the light and love of the Gods until your head is in a better place.

Mixed feelings about the spellwork: If you’re not sure whether the spell you are casting is the right thing to do or not, that doubt may undermine the will you need to feed the spell. Never cast a spell unless you are certain of your path in that instance. This is also true of the times when you are uncertain of your goal. That confusion will sap your spell of strength, so it is better to wait until you have a solid goal in mind, and the will to back it up.

Negative intent: This is not to say that you can’t cast a spell that would have a negative impact on someone else; for better or for worse, free will allows for this. However, you should bear in mind that not only do the powers of the Universe often not allow these types of spells to work, it is not unusual for them to rebound on the one what casts them–either immediately or sometime down the line.

Lack of focus: This is the main reason for not coming into circle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or heavy emotions; they will simply make it too difficult to maintain the focus needed to create a powerful spell and send it out into the world. But other things can get in way of focus, too. If you can’t find a quiet, private place to cast your spell (the kids are running around screaming, the dog is barking, the neighbors are arguing at the top of their lungs) you are better off waiting for a different time. It is almost impossible to get good results when you cast a spell in the midst of chaos.

Writing and casting your own spells can be a fun and empowering part of a well-balanced witchcraft practice. If you follow the few simple suggestions laid out above and sidestep the (easily avoidable) pitfalls that can stand in the way of successful spellcasting, all Witches can create spells to enhance and entrance their lives.



Excerpt from

“Writing and Casting Spells for the Best Results”
by Deborah Blake
Lllewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac