One of the most common mistakes people make when discussing Aquarius is that they assume he/she is a water sign. After all, he/she is the water bearer. But the truth is he/she’s an Air sign and that’s an important detail!

To often you see Aquarius represented as the generic person pouring a jug of water or even worse just the jug of water. There is no hint to the intellectual and cerebral air quality of the Aquarian. As an air sign, she is focused on higher thinking and pushing the boundaries of common and closed thinking. If everyone is going one direction she will go the other in hopes of discovering a new and better way to meet the needs of the greater whole.

We started with a forward moving stance. She is a futuristic, forward thinking woman. Aquarians have no time to look or focus on the past, they focus on the future and believe that however something was done, it could be done differently or better going forward. Seeking to fight for justice and the underdog, our Aquarian is dressed and built to campaign for any cause she feels is under represented or oppressed. She also is a lover of technology and innovation. She is not afraid of technology or gadgets and widgets that can help better our lives. She is quick to adopt them to her arsenal of thought and solutions.

Her water jug is still a very important aspect of her character. Instead of her passively pouring water from it or carrying it on her head, we chose to have her securely sling it over her shoulder. This allows her to bring it into adverse or water starved situations. She knows that despite all the technology and advancements available, humans cannot survive without water. Water is the most powerful source of nourishment for our bodies and souls and Aquarians never lose sight of that. They know that higher thinking comes from well fueled minds – and the mind can be tricked or fooled if starved for water.

Physical Characteristics

Physically our Aquarian is in fighting shape but not because she likes to fight, rather she is about endurance. She relies on her ability to go long stretches of time without rest or nourishment and living solely off her creative vision. She is not a slave to fashion but definitely uses her cloths and accessories to express her inability to conform and desire to pioneer and blaze new trails of thought and visual innovation. She’s creative and a one of kind. Charged with technology she has a single strand of fiber optic hair lighting her way through dark and unchartered territories of thought.

Zodiac Super Power

Our Aquarian’s super power is her technology power hand and fighting physique. She has a leg up on the other signs of the Zodiac because she can see into the future and knows that there is almost always a “better way” to do or see things. Her water is magical and fuels even the most creatively starved thinkers€ are pushing stalled thought or injustice toward progress.

One thought on “Introducing…Aquarius

  1. Thank you!!! Great piece. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told (by non-astrologers) that I’m a water sign….and that I should try to control my emotions, because water signs are usually overly emotional. Little do they know that I not only have my emotions totally under control, but they are filed alphabetically with a complete analysis of conditions before, during, and after each demonstration of said emotion. We may be the most misunderstood sign in the Zodiac by those non-students of astrology.


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