Sorry for this brief interruption of your daily divination

pitbull picked up January


I wanted to show you what your donations will be be benefitting this time. This poor little guy was throwed out in a trash heap to be left for dead. Fortunately for him, a good Samartian passed by and uncovered him to see if it was really a dog. When he started to uncover him the poor animal whimpered. The man and woman started throwing garbage off of him as fast as possible. Then took him to the vet were he underwent surgery and start to recover. I picked him up yesterday and I won’t describe how he was again. It brings tears to my eyes. He is now with us till he is fully recovered.

cutie in box


Also this precious little kitten was found on our doorstep when we got back. Left in a box, out in the cold, thank goodness whoever dropped her off knew what kind of person I was. Nothing like them for sure. She will also be another one we took in last night.

6 thoughts on “Sorry for this brief interruption of your daily divination

  1. You are not alone, you have friends. Poor little things. I have a rescued Pit here with me. I got him in the summer. It breaks my heart to see what people do to such trusting little ones. I am so glad you are there for them. Blessings


  2. My heart breaks when I see him. The kitten looks like it’s not quite sure what’s going on and isn’t entirely calm. Poor little dear.


    1. I don’t remember in the pic if his ribs are showing or not. But when he came to me last night, I could feel every bone in his body. The vet and I knew what he had been used for, no one had to tell us. I wish I could get my hands on these people. They would be wishing the Law would hurry up and get there by the time I finished. I made him a good bed in here and went and picked him up and brought him in here with me. He has a hind leg that is injured pretty bad. The vet told me not to let him use it anymore than he had too. Before it is over with he will be a pillow pit. He needs lots of TLC and he has an excellent chance of pulling through. I know a woman up in Missouri who has a pit ranch. I don’t know if I am going to call her or not. My daughter raised and rescued pitbulls and I have had a lot of experience helping her with them. So he might stick around here. After we get an animal that is in such bad shape, I hate to see them leave. I know they are going to a good home or place because I have checked the people out or the woods out, but still I always wonder about them.


    2. I almost forgot thank you so much for your donation, Peter. I saw that and I blessed you and blessed you. I know you have been reading and know I have been busy. I haven’t even had time to checked my email. I will write you tonight. Till then…
      Lady A


      1. Don’t fret about writing — you really have your hands full right now. My donation was the least I could do for someone doing such good work. They aren’t my favorite breed, but no animal should be treated in such a way. When I told Jimmy this morning and showed him the pictures, he knew all about the training dogs. I was truly disgusted. I tossed a little into the kitty because I figured it was the least I could do for your most recent arrivals. Your caring for these creatures is more than thanks enough for what little I can do.


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