We Wish You & Yours All the Joy and Happiness Of This Holiday Season!


Good Tuesday Morning, my dear friends! And to those who celebrate Christmas, “Merry Christmas to You & Yours!” I know I am running late, what’s new! I mean really. I can never get anywhere on time anymore. But today I was very relaxed and laid back because I actually get to work from home!!!! Peace and quiet, brother who am I kidding? I got up this morning and wasn’t really planning on doing anything. Then I got to cleaning a little here and a little there. Well you know how it is, before it’s over with you have cleaned the entire house. But as I was cleaning I was thinking about what to say today on the site. Deep down inside though, I was thinking wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do like Samantha on “Bewitched.” You know twitch our little noses at this or that and ZAP it becomes the way we want it. Just going through life zapping our cares away. Making all the wrongs in the world right by just zapping. Having everything we desire by just zapping. Making our lives perfect by just zapping.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works and we know. We must endure what life deals our way. Whether it be great sadness, which we have experienced much too much of this year, or great joy. We all have to find a way to just survive. Get through one day at a time. I know what I am getting ready to ask you will be hard for some to do, but……during this long holiday season try to put all the sadness, bad experiences, losses you might have had, and trouble by the wayside for just a moment. Instead of thinking about all of those, think about the joy of this season. Think what this season is all about, let it feel your soul and your very essence. Breathe deeply, my friend. For you are breathing in the Love of the Goddess. She surrounds us completely. She is waiting for you to let Her give you great Joy and Happiness. All you have to do is just breathe deeply if only for a moment. She is there. She has Returned The Sun to Us. What a Blessing! We have the promise the darkness will soon end and the light will return to us. In this, we have the promise of starting anew, refreshing our souls, letting the Goddess enter our lives and guide us daily into the New Year.

For a moment, my friend, breathe, breathe deeply. Feel Our Glorious Goddess, let Her engulf you and fill you with the joy and happiness of this Blessed Season!

Much Love & Happiness To You & Yours,

Lady A


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