You know about this little “End Of The World” thingy…..

I have been hurrying through the daily postings, just dying to tell you this (before I forgot it, lol!). After this you will be thinking what a dork? Anywho, the other night my husband and I were talking about general stuff. On TV came a show about the end of the world. I told him I was so sick of hearing about the end of the world. I mentioned that I had gotten a few emails wanting to know if I thought the world would come to an end. Then we got to talking about the Mayans, their calendar and what they knew and didn’t know (like we know!). My husband asked me if we still had followers from the Southern Hemisphere. I told him I hope so. He told me to tell all of them to email me on the 22nd of December. If I heard from them, everything was fine. The world wasn’t going to end. If I didn’t hear from them, we better kiss our ass good-bye!

*The Southern Hemisphere is a day ahead of us, get it!*

So if all ya’ll sweethearts from down under don’t mind emailing me on your December 22nd, I would deeply appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “You know about this little “End Of The World” thingy…..

  1. There is something about the human animal that seems to give it just enough ego to think that the world will end on their shift. They keep predicting it one way or the other and it keeps not happening. Cheer up, folks, it may never happen. Seriously, I’m not done with this ride. It would be most inconvenient to have the world end right about now.


    1. Bummer! I don’t understand it. Why is everyone in a hurrying for the world to end? I don’t get it. I haven’t got this life right yet. I know I’m not ready to move on to the next!


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