Greetings & Blessings to All My Wonderful Friends & Family!

Sympathy Comments

I am apologize for running late today. I was trying to get all my material ready for this day. Today is a very sad and sobering day for myself. I know at this site we have huge family of followers and perhaps some of them were affected by the shooting in Connecticut. I know every time I hear a news article on TV about the shootings, I cry. This makes me think I have come in contact with someone who is grieving this very day. I hope and pray I am wrong but I don’t believe I am.

I have lost loved ones myself. My mother, at a very young age, my father later in life and my sister. My entire family has passed on. The hardest death I had to deal with was my sister’s. It is only until recently I have come to terms with her passing. She has been gone now for six years. There is no magick pill you can take and make your pain and grief go away. It takes time and in some cases, years. My mother, I have never got over her death. At this stage in life, I don’t believe I ever will. I have a dear, dear loved one that pass on and I blame myself for his death. Now that is a heavy burden to live with. It was because the feelings he had for me that caused his death. I know this and there are days when it is very hard to go on. All of these emotions are normal. You blame yourself, you have guilt, what could you have done, you should have been there. So many questions run through your mind. But you can’t come up with the answers.

Death, unfortunately, is something we will all have to deal with at one time or another. You can never prepare yourself for death. It comes like a stranger in the night, stealing our loved ones away from us. The young, the old, it doesn’t matter, they were our loved ones. It isn’t fair but no one ever said life was fair. We have to deal with the hand we are dealt. Grief is something that hits us like a stone wall. Our worlds are turned upside down. Our hearts are broken. We feel like our world has ended. Where do we go from here?

Times like these are the times we turn to our Faith. You call upon the Goddess. You ask for Her mercy, Her love and most of all Her comfort. The Goddess is the gentle Mother of all of us. She knows us better than anyone. Our Great Mother, will assist you in your grief. Give you aid, when you then you can’t go on. When you think all is lost, She will give you Love. Hers is a Divine Love that you can take comfort in. The Goddess is there waiting for you. All you have to do is just ask for Her help. You can survive this with the help of our Great Mother. Just ask Her.

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