Feng Shui Tip for October 16 is ‘Bosses Day’

Today we recognize ‘Bosses Day,’ and with these tough economic times, giving the boss their due might also attach a little job insurance to those efforts. But what if you feel like your boss doesn’t recognize your contributions to the workplace as much as they should? A specific Feng Shui action step promises vast opportunity for garnering recognition and reward on the work front. Position a small brass bell in the middle of the right hand side of your desk and ring it nine times in succession whenever possible. Ringing a bell is believed to affect a complete space clearing around your immediate office environment while attracting new customers to you and your business. Simply by tinkling you can expect increased exposure to lead to increased profits! Use smaller bells if you’re the boss since the slighter sounds of little bells hung above doors or on door handles creates ‘prosperity Chi’ that brings a bigger, better bottom line. And what boss wouldn’t love to hear that ka-ching sound ringing throughout the workplace?

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com