Living The Life of The Witch: Learn To See With Your Third Eye

Learn to See With Your Third Eye

Let’s say that you suspect you have clairvoyant abilities. How can you develop them? Is there a school for seers? There actually are seminars for sharpening this skill, but you can also try to do it in the privacy of your own home.

Experts in the field will tell you that clairvoyance is the result of having a clear, open “third eye.” The third eye being part of the body’s chakra system, is locating in the middle of the forehead (though it might be higher or lower on some people); it is related to intuition and a higher understanding of the world.

First thing you can do to improve your clairvoyance is to make sure that your third-eye chakra is clear. This can be done through a special meditation for which you will need  a blue crystal or a gemstone such as azurite, lapis lazuli, or kyanite.

To begin, dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some music – whatever soothes you. Now lie down and place the blue crystal or stone on your forehead. Breathe deeply – inhale through the nose as deeply as you can, then blow out through the mouth. Breathe in and out this way for thirty to sixty seconds. Start to focus on the area where the crystal is. Imagine the crystal opening up that space. May you’ll feel a warming or tingling sensation.

When you’re feeling like the space is wide open, make sure you are still breathing deeply. Unfocus your mind and see whatever comes to you. You don’t have to know what the vision is about; you can interpret that part later. For the time being, just be with the vision for the  moment.

Here’s where you can also try to develop clairaudient capabilities. While you’re in your deep meditative state, take some time to focus on your ears as well. See if you can hear anything coming to you from the other side.