Feng Shui Tip for August 28: ‘Race Your Mouse Day’

You’ll want to tune into today’s ‘Race Your Mouse Day’ energies if your intention is to be the ‘big cheese.’ This day probably has more to do with the little computer device than with a tiny rodent, but we can address both, starting with the computer. Feng Shui advises hanging a round and faceted clear quartz crystal from either nine, 18 or 27 inches of red string, thread or ribbon directly above your computer. This ancient technique addresses modern day technology by inviting invisible energies to keep your thoughts crystal clear and your hard drive safe and sound. If you thought that today’s mouse is of the furry variety, read on. In Eastern traditions the mouse (and rat) is always associated with intelligence, longevity, luck and money. Mice and rats are also said to bring children better grades and a brighter mentality. And letting a mouse hang around sure hasn’t hurt Disney’s bottom line. If you’re looking to trap some quick cash of your own, or even trying to dig out of debt, place an image of the ‘Feng Shui Fortune Rat’ in the ‘Wealth’ area of the main floor of your home. Of all the fast-acting prosperity cures, this one serves both mice and men!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com