Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 7 – ‘National Lighthouse Day’

On this ‘National Lighthouse Day’ I’m feeling brighter and more illuminated. I love visiting lighthouses, and apparently I’m not alone since recent travel research shows that lighthouses continue to be a hot destination spot. I also love the idea of a beacon guiding sailors back to safe harbor. A friend in times of need, this light would shine a path, no matter how heavy the weather or dark the night. Feng Shui states that this is the same idea behind leaving your outside front entryway light on. This modality believes that fire and light can garner the blessings of the invisible while also activating energetic sources of success-fueled opportunities. Illuminating this intention simply warrants the empowering step of flipping that switch. If you want to light up the night or engage opportunistic energies to fill each day, then simply leave your front light burning for at least three consecutive hours each day or night. When turning on this light it’s important that you think about your intentions and goals. After switching the light off, be sure to let it rest before turning it on again at another time. This brings new meaning to the word ‘lighthouse.’

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com