Daily Feng Shui Tip for Aug. 3 – ‘National Watermelon Day’

Today’s ‘National Watermelon Day’ honors a summer staple that’s cool and refreshing. But did you know that eating watermelon could do a whole lot more than that? Thought of as one of the most Americana of foodstuffs, watermelons were actually introduced to the Egyptians around 2000 B.C., who would give a mixture of watermelon juice and white wine to anyone believed to be possessed by the devil. In Hawaii a whole watermelon is often rolled out the front door to help ease the spirit of someone recently deceased, and in Africa this fruit is considered a sacred gift to the divine Yoruban goddess Yemaya. Simply said, many global traditions have long recognized the healing and protective properties associated with eating this refreshing snack. Even the scent is said to allow you to lose weight. Now that really is a Happy Watermelon Day!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com