Things To Do This Lammas……

Throughout today’s posts you will find hints on things to do this Lammas. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Collect corn husks, dry and store  in shade.  “Corn” was a generic term for  cereal crops (i.e., wheat,  barley, oats), and New World corn was added after 1520.  Our non-irrigated winter wheat is harvested in June  and July where I live.  We can collect wild wheat stalks and seeds, tie, and hang in shade.   Make a corn dolly and keep  until the Yule Celebration.  We can pick fruit  (apricots, berries, figs and plums) and dry them.  Many kinds for fruit are ripe  in late July, so place some of these on your home altar.  Many garden herbs  are at their peak and ready for harvesting to make herbal remedies, air  fresheners, use in herbal magic, and for decoration.  There are hundreds of  good books and websites on the magical, sacramental, and health uses of herbs.