Calendar of the Moon for July 26

Calendar of the Moon

26 Tinne/Hekatombaion

Day of the Hero

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth place symbols of historical and real-life heroes, and a chalice of wine.
Offerings: Give aid to someone whom you believe to be a hero.
Daily Meal: Simple travel food, such as bread and cheese.

Invocation to the Hero

Call: Hail to the wandering hero!
Response: Hail Hercules!
Call: Hail to the questing hero!
Response: Hail Theseus!
Call: Hail to the crusading hero!
Call: Hail to the tormented hero!
Response: Hail Orpheus!
Call: Hail to the warrior hero!
Response: Hail Achilles!
Call: Hail to the hero under sail!
Response: Hail Jason!
Call: Hail to the innocent hero!
Response: Hail Percival!
Call: Hail the romantic hero!
Response: Hail Lancelot!
Call: Hail to the hero pure of heart!
Response: Hail Galahad!
Call: Hail all the heroes of legend!
Response: Hail all the heroes who live today!
Call: May they bless us with courage…
Response: …Even as we bless them with immortality!

(Any who wish should stand forward and cry out the names of other heroes. Then the libation is poured for them, and tales are told of their deeds. The tales are an offering as much as anything else, so do not shirk on this point.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]