Daily Motivator for July 24 – Focus on results

Focus on results

Progress comes when you focus on results. Progress happens when you visualize  the results you desire, when you expect those results, and then work to make  them happen.

Focus on results, and you can figure out how to bring them about. Focus on  results, and you have a way to know, in each and every step, whether or not  you’re making progress.

Good intentions are nice, and sophisticated methods are impressive. What  really count, though, are the end results.

Any effort you undertake will use your precious time and resources. Make sure  you get the most value in return by staying focused on the results.

Don’t allow yourself to remain stuck in mediocrity. Don’t fool yourself into  thinking you’re doing great when you’re really doing not much at all.

Clearly and specifically define the results you seek, measure your progress,  and weigh each action, each effort, accordingly. Focus on results and you’ll get  the very best ones.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator