The Wicca Book Of Days for July 23 – Leo, the Lion

The Wicca Book of Days for July 23

Leo, The Lion


The zodiacal month of Leo, the Lion, begins around now, ushering in a period when the Sun, Leo’s governing “planet,” presides, bother astrologically and literally over the last golden days of Summer. Like the Nemean lion for which their sign is named.  Leonian individuals are considered touch and fearless, the Sun also giving them a Lion’s proud dignity, egotism, and self-sufficiency.  With the Lion’s fiery element and masculine (active or positive) polarity, further Leonian characteristic include passion and spontaneity, as well as forcefulness and extroversion. And although a fixed quadruplicity makes for inflexibility, it also supplies dedication and loyalty,

Salad Days

Like the sun, the dandelion has the power to promote well-being. How about collecting and washing some nutrient rich, dandelion leaves (they are packed with vitamins and minerals) to add to a Summer salad?