Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 23 – ‘Gorgeous Grandma Day’

I think I see a connection between ‘Gorgeous Grandma Day’ and ‘Hot Enough For Ya Day.’ One way to stay young at heart is to install longevity symbols, so why not heat up that promise and attract some wealth, health, love and a natural death that occurs at a ripe old age? That’s exactly what a grouping of five bats symbolizes in Feng Shui. This philosophy also says that five bats is a yang symbol of prosperity, recognition and rewards. In ancient China, bats were an auspicious symbol of abundance. In fact, in Chinese the bat is named ‘pin fook,’ which also means happiness and prosperity. Assembled in a cluster of five, this symbol then represents the ‘five blessings’ or aspirations that every person wants to attain. If you want to be a hot and gorgeous grandma or a really rich and happy grandpa then download an image of the Feng Shui ‘five red bats’ and put it anywhere in the center of your living space. Instead of people thinking that you have bats in your belfry, they’ll wonder why you look so darn hot!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com