July 13 – Daily Feast

July 13 – Daily Feast

Summer heat has brought a lull to the meadows. Tiny titmice and bright yellow warblers stay close to watering places, and only the locust sings on in its raspy tones. It sings to remind us that it is summer and time to slow our pace. Hay meadows are dotted with bales, and wheat and beans are ready for harvest. Evening is alive with the songs of meadowlarks and killdeer, and the mockingbird is the comic that sings in all the other bird’s voices. It would be impossible to live among the things of nature and not pace oneself to them. It is the nature of the Cherokee to go to a flowing stream with any problem he may have. And he comes away with the best harvest of all, a quiet eye and the peaceful harmony of summer.

~ I have a good heart, and I want no mistake made this time, to live with a good heart and talk truth. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler