For Those Near Lexington, KY – Tea leaf readings this Saturday at Lexington’s Mystical Paranormal Fair

Tea leaf readings this Saturday at Lexington’s Mystical Paranormal Fair

There will be tea leaf readings this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Mystical Paranormal Fair in Lexington at 835 Porter Street.

The art of tea leaf reading is known as tasseography. Tasseography includes not just tea but coffee and wine sediments. This type of divination has been around since ancient times and have been said to have been born from the Middle East and the Orient due to the fat that this is where tea originated. The Middle East tends to read coffee grounds.

To read tea leaves is considered to be very complex and hard. It’s not just drinking a cup of tea and swishing out the extra and looking at symbols. There are traditions that determine how you collect the tea may have a meaning, how you prepare the tea and how you swirl all have different meanings to some readers.

The reader then swirls out the tea and reads the symbols. This is where it becomes complicated. But, many people spend most of their life learning this art as it is passed down from one generation to the other.

Tea Leaf reading is considered one of the more creative and classy way of telling the future. Women all over the world drink tea and throughout history have passed down the secret to other women. It was easily hidden when governments look for “witches”. This has even occurred recently in a few countries that consider any divination as evil.

So, the next time that you watch Harry Potter and Professor Trelawney teaches this in her divination class try and see what you see in the cups.

Tea Leaf Readings are $20.

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