16 Things That Really Matter

16 Things That Really Matter


  • Clean breath.
  • Sound digestion.
  • Good quality sleep.
  • A daily connection with nature—even  watering your plants or taking a  walk in the park count!
  • Being able to keep your promises.
  • A dream to aspire to.
  • A hobby or leisure activity that soothes and ignites your soul.
  • A real friend: someone you can really talk to, cry before and laugh  with.
  • The comfort of a meal or movie shared with family.
  • The luxury of a place of your own—even if it is a cosy little nook in a tiny  home.
  • The joy of coming  back to a home that invites you to relax.
  • Celebrating  the small victories and joys of life rather than waiting  for big dollops of good news.
  • Being able to see the silver lining.
  • Being able to listen before you judge.
  • Waking up with something more than just routine work  to look forward  to.
  • Going to bed knowing that you made someone’s day a little happier  today.



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