Shielding for Beginners

Shielding for Beginners 

A psychic shield is a non-material substance/force/power with which you surround yourself for protection. Many types of force can be called into play in its construction, any many forms can be used, all at your discretion. It’s important that a friend, instructor or adept not do this for you; your shield will be with you permanently and you need to have the intimate connection that creating your own provides.

Why make a shield? The best reason is for protection against psychic flak of all kinds, especially important when you are first starting down the Path, and aren’t yet well-versed in defensive measures. Its protection from mind-games and psychic vampires and a good shield helps you to separate mundane flak from psychic flak. It exercises the faculties of self-reliance and visualization. All told, it’s one of the most essential tools of the working witch.

What do I need to know about shields? Your shield is your basic piece of protection/comfort/defense. It is a permanent part of you, and something like wearing a Circle like a second skin. It should be flexible and semi-permeable, moving and growing with you, and breathing with your energy usage. Be aware that what you visualize when you start out is what will be there, but that the shield will probably change of its own accord to keep up with your changing capabilities and needs.


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