Daily Cosmic Calendar for March 19th

As the first workday of this week, there could be some strange vibrations going on since the Sun is not only located in the last degree of Pisces, but also in the last degree of the archetypal zodiac that starts with zero degrees of Aries around this date every year. The zodiac contains 360-degrees of space – like any geometric circle – and the solar life-force is now ending one cycle and, at 10:16PM PDT, starting a new cycle. Therefore, much of today’s 24-hour astro-psychic energy-field is filled with a solar dynamic that is harkening back to the past few weeks and months. You may want to mimic this reasoning and conduct a careful review of your last twelve months as a soul-infused personality dwelling on this planet some 93 million miles away from the star that rules over our cosmic neighborhood in the Milky Way galaxy. Re-evaluating your investment and business strategies certainly makes sense because Vesta forms a subtle and yet still important, 30-degree rapport with king of the gods Jupiter (Noon PDT). The Moon enters a 3+ hour void uncertainty zone in Aquarius at 1:32PM PDT and this ends at 5:06PM PDT when the lunar orb enters Piscean waters for the next 2+ days. Tune into your creative imaginative talents, experiment with a video camera or improvise on a favorite musical instrument when the Moon unites with Neptune (8:18PM PDT). Utilize the Sun’s entry into fiery Aries (10:16PM PDT) – one of four sacred turning points of the calendar year at either an equinox or solstice – as an opportunity to take a great leap forward with key enterprises that can give you an enormous boost across the board during the next twelve months.