Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for March 11th

Psychic storm warnings are posted for today and tomorrow as the Moon continues its transit through Scorpio’s icy currents while Mercury is on the verge of making its retrograde station early tomorrow. Be extra sensitive to female relatives under pressure as Venus makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Juno (5:06AM PDT) and the Moon opposes Venus (9:33AM PDT). Even though tensions are palpable, you should be able to tap into your problem-solving skills since the Sun is making an inspirational, 72-degree contact with distant Pluto (5:12AM PDT). If you are in the mood to learn about unusual subjects, check out the wide-ranging literature on advances in holistic healing and alternative medicine as the Moon trines Chiron (8:34AM PDT). Counter any tendency toward worry and pessimism by lifting your spirits through enjoying your favorite arts, crafts or hobbies as Mercury forms a 30-degree link with Venus (8:47AM PDT). Take a good look at your insurance rates and coverage later on as Venus makes a similar link to Vesta (1:30PM PDT). Consider completing key tasks and work assignments today rather than tomorrow as Mercury in Aries shifts gears into reverse at 12:49AM PDT on Monday.