Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for March 10th

Today is a mixture of opportunities and challenges – with the auspicious alignments outweighing the potentially discordant ones. Upfront and early is a flowing trine in fire signs linking Mercury in Aries to Juno in Sagittarius (12:54AM PST). Because four other resourceful sky patterns will happen later today, you have an excellent chance to grow, expand and evolve across the board. However, you will want to move past morning tensions that could arise when the Moon is contra-parallel Mars (4:37AM PST) and then parallel to Neptune (6:16AM PST). Some confusion and chaos can be stirred up as the lunar orb contacts these two planets since they will also make a contra-parallel to one another on Monday evening March 12. Meanwhile, a rosier picture brightens this Saturday afternoon and evening as Juno trines Vesta in fire signs (3:03PM PST), Venus forms a supportive, 60-degree link with Chiron (6:29PM PST), Pallas makes a similar rapport with distant Pluto (9:51PM), and Mercury unites with Vesta in Aries (11:21PM PST). The investment scene, holistic healing realm, and the ability to work hard to solve problems are all being promoted. However, the monthly Moon-Saturn union in Libra (7:10PM PST) that also begins a short void lunar cycle in Libra from 7:10PM PST to 9:25PM PST can sow the seeds of self-doubt and short-circuit your well-prepared plans for success. Slow your tempo around the time of the Moon-Saturn conjunction and when the Moon is in its void uncertainty zone. Later on when the Moon enters passionate and intense Scorpio (9:25PM PST), play the role of amateur detective as you ferret out secrets and solve family mysteries.


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