The Call Of The Air Dragons

The Call Of The Air Dragons

You can call upon air dragons in the spring or whenever you need positive change or fresh energies in your life. You can also invoke their strength when rain is needed either in a particular area of the country or world or when you need rain in your life after a stagnant, arid period (in terms of relationships, work or creativity). Oriental weather dragons are also potent for any form of healing. Their healing powers were found as small pearls after the rain, and red sage is said to grow where dragons rested on the earth.

They assist any artistic or creative venture and will wash away or stir the winds to carry off anything that is no longer making you happy or has run its course. Call the weather dragons whenever you are feeling stifled, whether by physical overcrowding or possessiveness.

Dragons love strings of bells or the Tibetan pairs of bells (mini cymbals you can clash together to stir the powers). Alternatively, buy a rain stick (long, wooden tubes containing beads or seed with spikes inside to create the rhythm). You can buy these in all sizes in any ethnic craft store or on the Internet, and can also use them for rain magick. Write your own dragon call if mine does not feel right for you.

Find an open space away from trees. The center of a lawn in your garden is fine but you can create your dragon call in different places in order to sense different dragon energies.

In time you can internalize the process and call for space in a crowded train. I sometimes visualize the call ritual if I am overloaded with luggage, as I was overloaded with luggage due to my working trips.

Tie long scarves to your wrists and one round your neck that will swirl as you move. You may even find scarves with a dragon design.

Picture your dragons, swirling blues and yellows, rising and swooping like Chinese kites on the breeze.

To begin, shake your rain stick three times, make three sounds with your Tibetan bells, shake your string of bells three times or clap loudly three times to stir the air.Call out:

Dragon of the skies, rise.

Dragon of the skies, rise.

Dragon of the skies, rise, if so is right to be.

Still holding your instrument or, if you are not using one, clap as you move round the area in spirals. You can modify the movements, scarves, etc., if people are around, but try to find a quiet time and place to get the full effect at least once.

Call as you move and play or clap:

Dragons, rise.

From earth to skies,

Dragon share with me,

your pearls of immortality,

that I may be free,

Dragons of the skies.

Continue moving faster, shaking or clapping and calling louder, until you feel the air dragon strength, vitality and creativity stirring within you.

When you feel filled with confidence and optimism, on the final word “free” give a final single loud shake of your rain stick, bells or a last clap.

SIt down wherever you are and shake your hands with the scarves attached to release any excess dragon power.

Quietly thank the dragons and leave a single small mother of pearl or pearl button or earring as an offering to be found by someone to whom it would give pleasure.

When you get home hand the scarves near an open window to absorb any breeze and wear one whenever you need creativity or space.

Repeat the dragon call whenever stagnation returns.