Can You Recognize a Pagan or a Wiccan When You See One?

Can You Recognize a Pagan or a Wiccan When You See One?

Author: jajlo b

I have only been studying and practicing Wicca (and I say practicing since I’m not perfect) for the last 10 years. I’m very much eclectic, and have had to do much of it on my own. I just haven’t found a teacher that I feel is right. And in all honesty, I’m not looking for one just now. I enjoy my freedom to digest what I read in many forms and what comes to me through my dreams, and mediations.

But I often wonder… can you really tell who is Pagan or Wiccan and who is not, by some outward sign?

I mean I know a lot of people who wear t-shirts with faeries and fey on them. I have seen people with bumper stickers saying, “Give me that old time religion” and a Pentacle right next to the phrase. I have even seen t-shirts in Kansas near where the Wizard of Oz museum is with “Good Witch” on the front. (I actually have that one because I have a strange sense of humor.)

But in all honesty, how do you tell a Pagan or a Wiccan from everyone else you meet in your daily life and travels.

The reason that I ask is because of two separate occurrences that happened to my husband and me.

Okay picture if you will, walking into a truck stop about 11 p.m. one night and the cashier is busy with a line full of costumers. And she is wearing one of those fancy sterling silver pentacles. Not a pewter one, but one that you know is sterling silver and she has a small Pentacle ring on that I notice as her fingers are flying across the cash register keys.

Anyway my husband and me finally make our choices and approach the cashier. “Hi, that is a pretty necklace.”

“Thank you, I’m a High Priestess, and my daughter had me order this from such and such” is the response she gave.

Ok, not exactly the response that I was looking for or expected. I only commented on her necklace. I had to do double-check my appearance; yep my pewter Pentacle was safe inside my uniform shirt. And I don’t have any tats or rings or earrings that have Pentacles on them. So why did she just come across with that answer.

Just then I realize she is still talking about the necklace. She goes on to tell me that she was thinking about doing a consecration ritual when it comes in the mail. But she decided not open it till the night of the full moon. So she could do the whole ritual properly (I still haven’t said anything else at this point) .

She goes on to explain she got her ritual bath and set up her altar and went to her room to get the necklace (This was an outdoor ritual she adds almost in a whisper as there is another customer at the register) . But as she goes to take it out of the tissue paper that is wrapped up she gets a shot of what she can only describe as static electricity.

Just then she says she realized that the maker of the necklace had consecrated it when they created the piece. Her daughter quickly tells her to just put it on, and wear as the artist that created it had to be stronger and more skilled than her and her ritual would only ruin the piece.

I tell her that is amazing and thank you for sharing with me and I walk away with my husband, who looks at me and says, “She’s a High Priestess. You didn’t even tell her you were Wiccan. So how did she know?”

I just look at him and shrug, “Beats me”

About a month later sitting in Montana at another truck stop we are eating. I see the younger couple come in (They look to be in their mid to late 20’s; my husband and I are in our 40’s) with their two children. I’m facing the door so I can see the t-shirt the young woman is wearing” 51 percent Angel/ 49 percent Pagan {don’t push it}.

I laughed. “ I like your shirt” I say while giggling about the thought of it.

“Thanks. I’m a High Priestess, ” she says back to me. And walks past.

I look at my husband; he looks at me, and says, “ What is it about declaring High Priestess status suddenly?”

I shake my head and double-check my appearance. My pentacle is in my shirt, not visible to anyone. So what is the deal with people saying this when I just comment on something they are wearing?

Suddenly the young lady comes back over to my table and she ask me point blank.” Do you know what Paganism is?”

“Yes, I do.” I tell her then I tell her I’m a solitary Wiccan.

“Oh really!” she says with a smile and some excitement in her voice (someone that she could talk for a few minutes) “ I was a solitary but then all my friends started coming to me and asking me to help them figure out what books they should read, so I ask them if they wanted to just start a coven with me.

They all said yes, and I told them we could do this but I would have to be the High Priestess since they came to me for advice in the first place.”

“Did they all agree to that?” I ask.

“Yes they did, ” she informs me. “My husband drives truck and he is heading to take me home so that I can do a new moon ritual and an initiation this weekend. I have to run to restroom. I’ll be right back”

She walked off, and my husband looks at me and asks, “Is that the way it is done in a coven” (I’m Wiccan; my husband is Catholic)

“No, ” I tell him, “ it is not done that way”

The young lady comes back and asks me to hold out my left hand palm down. I did and she places her right hand under palm side up. She looks at me and proceeds to tell me” Your energy isn’t very strong. I think you need to study more”

“ I have a head and chest cold that is eating up a lot of my energy right now trying to heal.”

“Well I can tell when people aren’t that strong of a Witch. I was doing a tarot reading on a chat line and for a woman in Ireland and she left in the middle of her reading to talk to her High Priestess”, she says

“Why did she go talk to her High Priestess? “ I asked

“Well when she came back she told me that her High Priestess told her that if I was able to pick up on the things that I was that I was one of the strongest High Priestess she had ever heard of.”

“And the woman told me that her High Priestess was now afraid of me”

I just smile and say, ” That is wild that another High Priestess in another country would be so afraid of you.”

She smiles and says” But I know that I’m that powerful and can do that, so that makes me one of the strong elders in this life”

She says she has to go; her husband is motioning for her to come on and help with the kids.

My husband and I get up and walk up to pay for our food, and my husband ask me, ” How do people just know that you are Pagan or a Wiccan?”

“I don’t know, ” I tell him.

To this day, I often wonder. Can you really tell a Pagan or Wiccan from some other outward sign?

Or were these two women just trying to startle me because I made a comment about their religious items?

3 thoughts on “Can You Recognize a Pagan or a Wiccan When You See One?

  1. Greetings and blessed be’s………

    I am a Wiccan ….. A solitary one. I won’t go into the long story but u found out from a high priestess when u was sixteen that I was a very strong natural Wiccan. She instructed me briefly on how to ground and center myself but beyond that my powers in nature grew exponentially on their own with no need for a coven. I know she was right because not only do I meet all known criteria for a natural witch but she was also able to detect it easily. I was raised catholic and when I turned. 18 I was approached. I was adopted through the church by some great parents and raised catholic but this other Wiccan found me at 18 and fzcd me my birthright as instructed by my natural mother and powerful witch herself . Since the records were sealed regarding my adoption there is no doubt strong powerful witches exist who can not only find us but spot us in a crowd to be sure. I can feel the presence of stronger witches very easily when nearby or approached. There should be no trouble in your heart child……these witches you encountered we’re powerful and very much in tune. Be at peace and full filled knowing now the answer to the mystery you spake of.

    Focus child on your inner circle , for the circle need not be drawn on the ground to offer its purpose to its master. Wicca has become a fad…the next in thing…’s cool to be pagan . Fall not into this deceptive untruth. There is so much more to Wicca than you know, think, or feel. Be wary of what you read, not all is safe not fact based. Peace upon you I so bestow .

    Can another detect you….of that there is no doubt. With practice and discipline and a truly open heart soon you will not need a tee shirt, ring , Or necklace to detect them.

    Blessed be’s


  2. Haha what great stories! The second woman seems way too full of herself…when Witches declare that sort of thing, you can tell they are compensating for something. But yes, I can tell when someone is a Witch. I can be in a crowd of hundreds of people, and I can feel them behind me, beside me, or in front of me. Usually we feel each other and connect eyes, which confirms it. That’s about it. For me it’s feeling the energy. Sometimes it comes as a shock (like of electricity), and sometimes it’s instinct. But the only time I’ve been confused was when my boss in Germany wore a pentacle (all the time) and I asked him if he was Pagan. He said no, he’s not. I explained that the necklace he was wearing was the symbol of my spirituality (I’m Pagan, not Wiccan, mind you, but I still use the pentacle) and he very matter-of-factly told me it was just an ancient Celtic symbol and nothing more. Yeah, okay…


  3. They were kooks getting off on the egotistical gratification they got from adopting what they think to be the Pagan way. They liked shock value. Attempting to instill fear in others in order to gain respect and power. Vocal persons such as them are why most people don’t take us seriously.


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