The Wiccan Book of Days for Feb. 10 – Unconventional Uranus

Friday, February 10th – Unconventional Uranus

It is now midway through Uranus’s rule as the planetary governor of the zodiacal month of Aquarius, and its unpredictable, radical, eccentric, and experimental influence may therefore be both especially concentrate and evident in world events. In Roman myth, Uranus (the Greek Ouranos) was the primeval sky God who mated with Gaia (Gaea), or Mother Earth, and fathered everything on Earth, as well as the Titans. He proved a cruel father, though, and at Gaia’s bidding, was therefore eventually rendered impotent by his Titan son, Saturn. The planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel in 1781, and its sigil is a planetary orb centered on the letter “H.”

“Great Goddess Of Waters”

This is the feast day of the Persian War Goddess Anaitis(also called Anahita and Anat in the Near East), who was also linked with female fertility. Honor her by offering a libation of water collected from a natural flowing source.


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