The Glamorous Occult

The Glamorous Occult

Author: Aegar Geihl

The Occult is a fascinating and stimulating area of study- for those who can handle it, and it opens up doors to new and enlightening experiences. This all is very interesting and is certain to attract a large amount of attention from teens, but do they know what they are getting into? With this article I hope to instill a bit of primer knowledge to many curious teens before they embark on a path they aren’t ready for.

I remember when I was first interested in the Occult. I Googled my brains out as I tried to find suitable information. For someone without an initial knowledge in the Occult that was very difficult. I ended up embarking on my first face-to-face encounter with Magick, only to find myself disappointed in the results of the event. It wasn’t until I matured both spiritually and physically that I realized what the cause of that night was. I was misinformed and completely unaware of the reality of these powers. This is my encouragement to provide an outline for those interested:

1. Take time to think about why you are interested in Wicca, Asatru, or whatever is tickling your fascination. Are you into it for the black cat, medieval garb, and fancy title? If so, then please rethink your decision as it might save your dignity (or your sanity) . If you are interested in the Occult for the lessons you may learn, whether good or bad then you may be on the right path.

2. It’s definitely not all fun and games, and anyone who tells you otherwise are most likely in it for the fancy title. You must remember that by contacting deities, spirits, etc. you are in the presence of something divine. They are not “cool” characters from a fantasy story. They are very real, and very in tune to you and your environment.

3. You will have to work very hard, especially if you are uneducated in the Occult. You will have to read everything you can on the path you are interested in, but if you have a true interest in it this will be your favorite thing to do.

4. It does not happen overnight. All of this will take time, and you will need to allow yourself time to breath. You have plenty of life left and all the time you need to learn what you want. If you make hasty decisions you will find yourself getting no results, or something much worse.

5. Always keep yourself protected. This is simple and should be one of the first things you learn about. Every time you open yourself up to the divine you are very vulnerable. Your aura will absorb negativity, as will your ritual space. You can keep your space clean of negativity by burning Rue (an herb) , and putting salt on the four corners of the room and your bed. These are two simple and effective ways to keep yourself safe.

Concerning Teachers:

1. Really get to know the individual in question. Are they knowledgeable in what they study? Do they show a deep care for their students? Do you feel comfortable around them?

2. Ask questions! If a teacher is legitimate they will have not dispute you asking simple questions such as “Who was your teacher?”. That one is a very good question to ask, and will show you their true colors almost immediately.

3. Don’t jump into this relationship, and yes it is a relationship. You and your teacher will be around each other a lot and should be very close.

It is important to remember that with all spirituality comes fraud. There are many people out there who deem themselves “High Priest Lizard Breath”, and claim they are the masters of all elements. Obviously this is exaggerated but don’t think it doesn’t happen. This is why I think it is so important to not be afraid to ask questions. It is you that will be getting to know this person and it is also up to you to question their authenticity. You wouldn’t give you social security number out to a total stranger would you?

The Internet is a great tool to meet people, learn about things, and even connect with groups, but you must remember that just like you these people are behind a computer screen. You do not know these people and to trust anyone without formal meeting/bonding can wind up very badly. This is why I find that commonsense is the number one rule. If you are always paying careful attention to your surroundings and others you will be less likely to run into some major problems along your path.

Rules for Approaching Gods:

In many traditions a pantheon of Gods is revered and is the center of the tradition’s practice. It is mandatory that you always approach them with respect. Remember being told to always say “Please” and “Thank you”? This does not apply solely in the physical plane and you should approach the gods in the same manner you would treat a very special guest to your home.

Be sure to remember that you are sincere and serious about everything you ask/say when in their presence. They are the divine, and are obviously not here to tell you how pretty your hair looks or how good you are at basketball. As long as you keep the commonsense rule with you at all times you will have little to no trouble with the Gods (or other entities) .

If you happen to live in a family that is not fond of your new found interests/ beliefs then you may find it necessary to keep your beliefs secret. This is perfectly okay, but be sure to remember that your beliefs may differ but you should respect them and their beliefs as you would your own. This will undoubtedly gain their trust in your responsibility and will help you avoid future problems.

I hope this article was helpful and I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.


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  1. I imagine a lot of people will do as I did and slowly run down that list like a check list. It’s always good to sit and reaffirm to yourself why you chose that path you are on. Thank you.


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