Daily Cosmic Calendar for December 7th

Two days ago, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo linked up via a harmonious, trine pattern of 120-degrees. This creative association of the two main cosmic symbols of the feminine and masculine principles doesn’t occur that frequently. This morning – at 7:03AM PST and then at 10:48AM PST – the Moon in Taurus forms flowing trines, first to Mars and then to Venus. This actually makes a grand triangle in earth signs in the zodiac – an auspicious, geometric talisman that can signify your own success and achievements manifesting in the real world. A Mercury-Pluto parallel (2:53PM PST) adds an exclamation point to the foregoing by simultaneously activating your spiritual willpower and mental concentration. Whether you can pull this off and be eminently fortunate in money matters, business negotiations and career pursuits is not necessarily 100% in the cards because you also need to be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right state of consciousness. In addition, every individual has his or her own horoscope of many celestial bodies that is being impacted daily by what are called transits and progressions (ongoing cycles of the heavenly orbs) that provide the kinds of events that fill our lives in every 24-hour time-period. Remember – as pointed out in this calendar two days ago – that the first of the outer planets (Uranus) is virtually stationary this entire week, but will officially shift from retrograde to direct in Aries on Friday evening December 9. You may be tuning into the Uranian signals of radical change and intuitional awareness even now before the actual station of Uranus in the sky. This is not that unusual as our human minds and nervous systems are much more advanced than we understand at this stage of evolution.