Feng Shui Tip of the Day for November 17th

It’s the ‘Great American Smokeout’ today and if you’re one of the millions of smokers who are taking steps to quit, you might want to put this next Feng Shui idea to quit addiction in your proverbial pipe. This modality says that addictions such as smoking can be effectively addressed by using a specific space inside the main floor of your home. First, you need to find a photo of youreslf at a time in your life when you were not a smoker. That picture can be from when you were two months old or twenty-two years later, as long as the image reflects you in a happy state of mind and not yet smoking. You then need to place that photo in a wooden frame. Next, locate the Family/Friends area of the main floor of your living space and position this picture there. Place a lamp or even a green candle somewhere close by. If you can install a light of some sort, you will need to illuminate that image for at least three hours a day for 49 days straight. If you’re using a candle, make sure it’s green. Some Feng Shui purists says that only a green Buddha candle will work it’s anti-addiction magic for this cure. Either way, the only thing you should be lighting up for the next 49 days is that old photo of you. Soon enough, you’ll be smoke free and feeling fine. At least that’s the promise. But I can safely say that people have used this stop smoking cure to great success, so I am happy to share this information with confidence!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com