Your Weekend Lunar Lovescope for Oct. 28 – 30

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Pushing the Limits

October 28 – 30

Unlimited enthusiasm and an irrepressible taste for adventure can take you on some wild and crazy rides on Friday and Saturday. The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius whose Archer is aiming his arrows at faraway places and far-flung experiences. The desire to broaden your horizons is amplified by the Sun’s opposition to Sagittarius’ expansive ruling planet Jupiter on Friday night. Even the most cautious individuals may be ripe for risk-taking in this bold but perhaps dangerous environment. Pushing the limits of what you’re willing to feel or do can certainly open social doors, but a lack of discrimination and common sense could allow people in who you won’t want to see the next day. It’s wise to reach a little further in search of love but to avoid losing balance by losing your head.

Sunday’s story is very different with the Moon in orderly and responsible Capricorn. But even this disciplined sign may find you in a less than sober mood, since the Moon forms a stressful square with explosive Uranus early in the day and joins transformative Pluto in the evening. The former spurs spontaneous reactions that can rattle relationships. The needs for freedom and freshness are powerful enough to stretch the strongest bonds, but exacting Pluto can punish excessive or inappropriate behavior, making self-restraint a must.