Honoring Ancestors

Honoring Ancestors
By Arteal
Swirling and twirling
On the pavement
Dancing and prancing
On the ground
Could it be
What did I see
Was it leaves
Or faeries
Tricking me

Many of my loved ones have passed over the years. Some of the dearest people to me found it time to cross over and process what it is they learned in this life. I think of them often. Memories of them often bring a smile to my face. Any time of year I can see them or feel them, but it is the month of October that their presence is strongest.

This time of the thinning veil almost makes them so solid I can touch them. So it is this time that I honor them. Sometimes it is solitary and other times I invited close friends and family to be with me and we collectively honor all of our ancestors.

We begin the evening by creating an altar with symbols, pictures and mementos of our ancestors. The altar is usually kept simple with photos and small items connected to those that have gone before. Once the altar is complete we have our feast. The meal takes place in complete silence and there is always one seat kept empty with a full plate to honor our ancestors. Often a cat finds his way to the empty chair while we eat our meal in silence.

Once our meal is complete we retire to our ritual space, usually the living room. We clear the coffee table and begin clockwise. Each person takes a turn to light a tea light and share a story of an ancestor. We continue going around the circle telling stories until the table top is full. We then sit quietly watching the flames and remembering. The evening is ended with placing the full plate of food outside in our of our ancestors.

The people and spirits I share this night with seem to leave as quietly as they came. I wish you and all your ancestors a blessed Samhain.

About The Author: Arteal is an Ordained Minister and High Priestess of The Order of the White Moon. She is founder of Moonlit River, where you will find the Feminine Divine, healing and guidance. Arteal is a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master.

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