Feng Shui Tip of the Day for October 25th

Once upon a time a Feng Shui master taught me some ‘secret’ Shui that promised health, happiness and prosperity, as well as increased exposure, recognition and reward! Of course, many of the Feng Shui cures that I know promise to activate those same blessings and boons, but this particular adjustment is applicable only in the month of October. This somewhat secret Shui promises to potentially rocket your reputation to the stars and bring you as many personally and professionally rewards as there are bright and shiny orbs in the sky. The key is to place a yellow chrysanthemum in the Fame area during any day this month. I have since learned that the mum can be put into especially prime positioning anytime between the ninth and the fifteenth, and it has special powerful application on the latter date. I have always ascribed that putting those pale petals into the Fame arena at any time will bring recognition and rewards, but October energies support that intention in a big way. Just remember, this is considered to be ‘secret’ Shui, so mum’s the word!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com