Cosmic Calendar for October 24th

Here’s another start to a workweek that feels somewhat edgy and worrisome – even though there are bright spots that will be manifesting. During the void Moon in Virgo as the day begins, Mercury trines Ceres in water signs (5:10AM PDT) while the Sun trines Chiron in water signs (6:38AM PDT). These two favorable alignments should equate with a rise in overall productivity and a feeling that healing forces are back on the march. However, a void lunar uncertainty zone can sometimes weaken sky patterns that happen within its time-cycle. Once the clock strikes 8:50AM PDT, the Moon pulls out of the void vortex by entering airy Libra for the next two days. The goal now is to revisit the Solar Libra 30-day cycle that recently ended by continuing to improve your primary partnerships and striving to increase your arsenal of artistic skills. Mercury making an inspirational, 72-degree link to Pallas (5:11PM PDT) is a major help in your becoming more adept at problem-solving and strategizing with trusted experts. Juno finally takes the plunge – leaving Libra for Scorpio (6:59PM PDT). This definitely adds weight to the passionate, mysterious and secretive undertones and overtones present within the Scorpio zodiacal frame of reference. [Juno remains in intensive Scorpio until January 29, 2012.] Creating one more shocking disturbance in the giant scheme of things is tonight’s Sun-Uranus 150-degree connection – bridging Scorpio and Aries at 11:00PM PDT. Here’s your choice – breakdown or breakthrough. Which way do you want to travel as Monday morphs into Tuesday?