Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, October 20th

This day starts under a void lunar cycle in emotion-laden Cancer. Before the Moon enters fiery Leo (3:07AM PDT), there will be a Moon-Mars parallel (2:45AM PDT). Any parallel by the Moon is short-lived because the Moon is the fastest moving body relative to the Earth. However, even though a Moon-Mars connection quickly dissipates, when it is happening there can be a lot of intensity – particularly if you happen to make a reckless move or act too egocentrically. Once the Moon is transiting in Leo, it is always helpful to come from the heart in all vital discussions. Being altruistic and generous is the key to being happy as the lunar orb moves through this fifth sign of the zodiac. Trying to manipulate others or lord it over them by claiming a divine right of kings and queens is a total no-no. Inspirations are flying fast as the Moon trines Uranus (6:05AM PDT). Hitting the high-tech, computer and electronics trail is once again back in style. This Moon-Uranus rapport is a key motivating aspect of the day and as long as you don’t overdo a good thing or become super-obstinate during the Moon’s square to Jupiter in plodding Taurus (2:38PM PDT), you should be in good shape for a fun-loving evening.