Lady A’s Spell of the Day for 4/3: Candle of Serenity

Candle of Serenity
Use for easing of problems Preferably performed just before the New Moon: the waning moon will help the problems dissipate.

Use when everything seems to be going wrong, your self-esteem is low, and everything and everyone around feel imbued with negativity.

Have a plate or ashtray nearby, and 7 pieces of paper (not to big).

Light a green candle and meditate on the problems afflicting you.

If needed, write these down on pieces of paper.

Light each piece of paper, one by one, and set them on the plate to burn, repeating the following over and over:

“Let my spirit be free as the wind
that can be harnessed but never tamed
Let the fears and dark thoughts that burden me
dissipate as light smoke in the breeze
Let all evil directed at me
turn to ash before my inner flame”

Continue repeating these words and focus on the burning paper, visualizing the negativity turn to smoke and ashes.

You should feel yourself growing lighter.

Let the fire go out by itself, and meditate a moment to purge any negative feelings that have remained in you.

Dispose of the ashes in running water and/or setting them to the wind. Make sure no ash is left on the plate.

Keep the candle and light it and meditate every time you feel negativity taking over you again.